Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the Hands of God

I have a precious group of friends online that I love to chat with. We are all believers and have all committed to pray for each other. Over the last couple of weeks, our list has become so heavy with huge needs of so many people. So many are under attack and struggling with sickness, financial problems, depression, family issues and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it's overwhelming as I'm praying over this list to see all the pain and heartache that is going on. It would be easy to become weighed down and hopeless in the face of it all.

But, then I try to focus on how BIG God is and how He already knows each and every need so much better than anyone else. He already knows where we are, where we have been and where we are heading. He already knows the outcome. To me, that is comforting. It's comforting to know that God is in control and not me. Comforting to know that He can provide all of our needs no matter how large or small they are. He can deliver MIRACLES in places where all hope seems to be gone. These are some of the things that encourage me and lead me to continue to pray knowing that my efforts are not fruitless. The answers may not be what I expect or for that matter, what I think I want. But God knows far better than I what I need and what's best for me. And that's true for all of us.

I've never really liked the expression "Let Go and Let God", but the idea that I can let go of my worries and fears because I have given them over to the hands of the Almighty, that I like. Then I can focus on the joy of the day, of the moment. And that's just what He wants me to do.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today is the wedding anniversary of my mom and dad. Even though Dad has been gone for almost 12 years, it's still their day. It always will be. My mom had been dating my dad's best friend. After that, she met my dad and in two weeks and two dates, they got married. Talk about a whirlwind!

I know their marriage wasn't perfect, but I know they loved each other and I know they were proud of the family that they made together. I know my mom still loves and adores Dad. Her voice was sad when we talked tonight. I wish I could take that away, but it's all part of our reality now, our lives without him. But, it was fun to listen to her remember old times and relive memories. If Dad were here, it would be their 45th anniversary.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for showing me what love looks like.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A New Day

So, today I started on my new meds. I confess, I went on the web to read about side effects. Probably not the wisest thing. But, I am confident that God is directing the doctor in the medicine he has prescribed, so off I go. I am hoping to see some changes in the next few weeks. I am excited to feel good and happy and have some energy. With the coming months of holidays and craziness, I'm gonna need it.

So, on Wednesday, my dear friend Melinda cut and colored my hair. You can see my latest pic with Lochlan. I love it. She always makes me feel beautiful. Thank you sweetie!

Sunday is the Aids Walk in downtown Phoenix. I lost a very dear friend three years ago to HIV. I haven't done the walk in a few years, so in honor of my dear Eric, we will joining in walking to find a cure for Aids. I miss him, what a doll.

We had school conferences yesterday and both kids got glowing reports. I am so proud of them!

So, overall, a really good, although fast week it has been. This weekend, I hope you all find rest and some time to share with those you really love. God is good all the time.