Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Beasty Baby Boy

I remember praying for a boy while I was pregnant.  Logan, my second child, has been such a joy his whole life.  He was a great baby, toddler and now young boy.  He isn't defiant or disobedient.  All he needs is the wicked eyebrow thrown his way and he straightens right up.  I always say that if I could, I'd clone him a dozen times.  So, I prayed for a boy hoping that that would mean a repeat of Logan.  Well, God answered my prayer, I got another boy.  But, God has a very good sense of humor sometimes when it comes to answering prayers. 

My baby, my Lochlan.  He was a handful from the word Go.  We had sleep issues, nursing issues, etc.  But, the infant stage is my very favorite stage, so I blissfully muddled my way through.  I'm sure I don't remember half of it being the sleep deprived mother you are at that point.  We would nap together and I would breathe in his sweetness as he lay dozing on my chest.  That is my favorite part, the napping on my chest.  I wish that would never end. 

But, as all babies do, he has grown into a feisty toddler that somedays, has my head spinning.  Instead of be like Logan, he seems to reflect the beastiness of my first born, Gillian.  She has been a handful her whole life.  I attributed it to one, being the firstborn and two, being a girl.  But, this little guy of mine sure is taking after sissy.  He has that little glint in his eye that says he's up to no good.  But, how can a kid so cute be such a pill?  Like I said, God's sense of humor.

Struggles and all, I'm blessed.  All three kids are healthy and rarely get sick.  We have obedience issues and training challenges but, that's just part of the parenting package.  I'm so grateful that God has entrusted these three precious lives to me.  I pray I do as good as a job as I can in this imperfect world.  It's hard and some days I want to run screaming from this house.  Some days, I need a mommy break.  But, I wouldn't change a thing.  I'm a mommy and I love that I am.

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  1. And he's sooo cute in the picture with his Mommy!

    I asked for a boy too...but didn't have one to compare him too...he's something...but definitely a gift from God!